Fine Robusta
FiRo pioneers the trend of
Specialty Robusta coffee from Vietnam
Fine Robusta
Fine Life
Better coffee
For a better livelihood
Fine Robusta
Fine Habitat
Not only does FiRo produce premium coffee
But also contributes to the development of a sustainable coffee industry.
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Not just Robusta coffee
We are Fine Robusta Vietnam

At Fine Robusta Vietnam, we have dedicated all our resources and technology to produce premium Robusta Coffee – achieving Fine Robusta certification from CQI – Coffee Quality Institute. This is not just about producing specialty Robusta coffee; it’s also about cultivating organic Robusta coffee in harmony with nature, combining agriculture and forestry practices for a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable way.


Through an integrated, comprehensive, and environmentally friendly farming and production model, Fine Robusta Vietnam seeks to not only enhance the living environment and coffee quality but also to demonstrate that Vietnam can lead in producing premium coffee varieties for both domestic and international markets.

Better Robusta - Better livelihood

Fine Ro - Fine Life

Fine Robusta Vietnam is committed to forest conservation and biodiversity preservation by adhering to three principles in our Robusta coffee cultivation:

Ecological Coffee Farming Model

Specialty coffee holds true significance when it can enhance the livelihoods of the farmers themselves and coexist sustainably with the natural environment. FiRo dedicates our passion to achieving a harmonious and sustainable balance in the quality of Robusta coffee trees within our agroforestry model.

Comprehensive Specialty Coffee Supply Chain

Fine Robusta Vietnam is proud to be one of the pioneering entities applying a comprehensive supply chain model within the high-quality coffee industry. From the step of plant breeding, the production of organic and biological fertilizers, and bio-stimulants, to cultivation, harvesting, primary processing, and the entire supportive production ecosystem such as coffee processing equipment, wastewater treatment systems, and exhaust gas treatment systems, FiRo maintains complete autonomy.

Fine Robusta Certification from CQI

All products by Fine Robusta Vietnam are certified for important ecological and organic standards, showcasing exceptional quality with certifications from CQI. FiRo takes pride in being the first to introduce Vietnam’s specialty Robusta coffee to the international market, riding the wave of this unique coffee experience.

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Supply Chain

Fine Robusta Vietnam is an integrated specialty coffee producer that encompasses the entire supply chain into an ecosystem. The strength of this model allows Fine Robusta Vietnam to create specialty coffee in a highly balanced manner with environmental, social, and economic benefits while fostering sustainable company development.

Seedling Center

Fine Robusta specialty coffee truly matters only when it can elevate the livelihoods of the farmers and thrive sustainably in harmony with the natural environment. Fine Robusta Vietnam wholeheartedly commits to achieving a balance in the quality of Robusta coffee trees within an equitable and sustainable agroforestry model.

The Support of Technology

Fine Robusta Vietnam gathers substantial resources for auxiliary technologies, including investments in the production of organic microbial fertilizers and the manufacturing of biological agents for the cultivation process, such as soil-rehabilitating microbial agents, foliar microbial fertilizers, root microbial fertilizers, and water treatment microbial agents. Additionally, we collaborate with an equipment and machinery research and design company for cultivation and processing purposes.

Processing Factory

At Fine Robusta Vietnam's production facility, a blend of scientific processing methods and cutting-edge equipment ensures the maximization of coffee bean quality potential. This way, all products, from green coffee beans to roasted beans and instant coffee extracts, undergo meticulous quality control by Fine Robusta to meet the highest standards.


Whether in wholesale or retail, green or roasted beans, we strive to convey the message of our product as well as our story. To share the outstanding taste experience of high-quality coffee with even more partners and customers.

Research & Training

Not only does paying attention to every aspect of the supply chain to create specialty coffee products, but FiRo Academy's Research and Training Center also serves as a hub for direct research into new technologies aimed at improving product quality, addressing production challenges, and exploring environmentally sustainable technologies. It connects with customers, shares knowledge and experience about sustainable specialty coffee production with numerous partners, and promotes community education among farmers, students, and scholars.

Not only delicious but Fine Robusta is also 'Green' and 'Clean'

100% Organic Fertilizers and Microbial Agents

There are no chemicals in FiRo's coffee forest. 100% organic fertilizers are sourced from agricultural scrap products. We apply biological technology throughout the entire cultivation process.

Ecological and Environmental Conservation

Not only does protect coffee plants, but FiRo also preserves shade trees, windbreak plants, and ground cover vegetation. The FiRo cultivation process avoids the use of pesticides for a diverse ecosystem.

Waste Recycling

100% of waste within FiRo's economic chain is recycled. Coffee fruit husks and wastewater treatment sludge are used as materials for organic fertilizer production. Coffee parchment husks and dust from the dry milling system are utilized for pellet production. Coffee pulp from the soluble production system is repurposed for consumer products. Stems, branches, leaves, and soil from the processing stages are composted through microbial processes to be recycled into organic compost.

"Green" Economic Chain

We prioritize the use of 'green' energy sources such as solar energy for HVAC systems, wind energy for lighting and irrigation, and electric energy for the drying process to ensure zero CO2 emissions. We employ advanced biological technology to eliminate the use of chemicals, incorporating them in cultivation, wastewater treatment, and composting processes,...

Collaborating with Leading Organizations

Producing sustainable specialty coffee is a global challenge, and we cannot tackle it alone. Through multilateral collaborations, both within and beyond Fine Robusta Vietnam’s supply chain, we have the opportunity to share best practices and experiences while learning from reputable organizations to enhance product quality continually. Fine Robusta Vietnam is proud to collaborate with:


Building upon strong partnerships with National research institutes and specialized organizations, Fine Robusta Vietnam collaborates to fortify, streamline, and boost research investments across the entire supply chain. Scientific materials on cultivation, harvesting, processing, fermentation, drying, environmental treatment, and more for sustainable coffee production are available for free download.

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