Fine Process
Fine Robusta

At FiRo, coffee is grown and processed to the strictest standards, ensuring that our coffee truly lives up to the name “FINE ROBUSTA” while harmonizing with the ecological environment.

Cultivation & Harvest

FiRo consistently invests significant resources in developing our raw material regions. Our typical cultivation model embraces a diverse, organic, multi-tiered approach. Coffee plants in our coffee orchards are shaded, wind-protected, and benefit from ground cover vegetation. They receive nourishment from organic microbial fertilizers, as well as various biostimulants like foliar and root microbial fertilizers. FiRo also employs biotechnological methods using beneficial microorganisms to improve soil quality. This helps break down soil compaction, promoting soil aeration and water retention, facilitating the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Soil improvement ensures that the soil retains ample nutrients for coffee plants, thus fostering strong root system and, consequently, the production of high-quality coffee beans.

During the harvest season, coffee cherries are only picked when they reach optimal ripeness. FiRo uses specialized packaging for storage and transportation. This custom packaging minimizes the risk of unintended fermentation. Fresh coffee cherries are promptly transported to our processing facility and processed on the same day to ensure the highest coffee quality.

Preparation & Processing

Upon arrival at the processing facility, fresh coffee cherries undergo a series of crucial steps for the coffee-making journey. This process begins with meticulous sorting, involving the removal of leaves, dirt, and sand, followed by a thorough washing and de-pulping of the cherries. Only the finest, ripe cherries are selected for further processing.

Once the sorting and selection are complete, the well-ripened coffee cherries are pulped, making them ready for the Full-washed processing method. During the fermentation stage, the coffee’s mucilage is fermented in specialized tanks, where crucial parameters such as pH, temperature, Brix degree, and more are well-controlled. The use of FiRo’s proprietary fermentation agents ensures a consistent and enhanced coffee quality, resulting in a more pronounced aroma, positive acidity, increased sweetness, and improved body.

After the fermentation process, coffee beans are carefully washed and then subjected to drying. FiRo’s drying process consists of two stages: primary and secondary drying. Primary drying is carried out using continuous drying machines, while secondary drying is conducted in batch drying machines. The entire drying process is optimized to replicate the ideal conditions of sun drying, allowing precise control over temperature, airflow, and bean turnover frequency. This approach guarantees the highest standards of quality and flavor in every cup of FiRo coffee.

Storage & Hulling

After the washed processing stage, coffee is stored in parchment form, allowing it to rest for an appropriate period to ensure safety and enhance the quality of the green beans. The storage warehouse maintains the ideal temperature, humidity, and stringent standards for coffee storage.

Parchment coffee undergoes a series of meticulous steps, including hullzng, the removal of impurities, and the separation of stones. It is then subjected to size grading, weight grading, and color sorting to ensure that only qualified coffee beans are delivered to our customers.

The final green coffee beans are meticulously packaged using specialized two-layer bags. These bags help preserve the beans’ moisture content while shielding them from environmental influences, maintaining the coffee’s exceptional quality.

Advanced Processing

Starting from green coffee beans, FiRo undertakes an extensive processing journey to craft high-quality products. We have invested in an automated industrial roasting and grinding system which covers the entire process, from raw material loading, precise weighing, and coffee delivery to the machines, roasting, degassing, grinding, and finally, packaging.

Moreover, the roasted and ground coffee goes through further processing to produce premium-quality instant coffee. FiRo has introduced an automated agglomeration system using Fine Robusta as the primary ingredient to create instant coffee that preserves the original coffee flavor. FiRo’s freeze drying system is equipped with a repatriation device for instant coffee, using pure coffee aroma recovered from the coffee itself without any chemical-based flavorings. This ensures that FiRo’s instant coffee products achieve the highest quality and the most natural taste.

Visit FiRo Factory

To gain a deeper understanding of FiRo’s Fine Robusta products and their creation, we invite you to join the FiRo Tour. During this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit our processing plant, savor and experience a variety of Fine Robusta products.

Throughout the tour, you will have an up-close look at all our systems, including pre-cleaning, fermentation, drying, hulling, roasting and grinding, as well as the agglomeration process. What sets this tour apart is the chance to explore our coffee fermentation and wastewater treatment systems, featuring cutting-edge technology that ranks among the best in Vietnam.

Following the tour, you will have the opportunity to taste our Fine Robusta products and even try your hand at roasting Fine Robusta green coffee beans. You can also discover various coffee brewing methods.

FiRo Tour promises to provide you with an exceptional experience and valuable insights into Fine Robusta and Vietnam’s specialty coffee production.