Fine Robusta
From Farm To Cup

We are embarking on a path of sustainable cultivation, emphasizing the conservation of biodiversity within the coffee forest ecosystem, to provide both domestic and international coffee markets with  fine Robusta products.

Green Coffee Beans

Fine Robusta Vietnam’s green coffee beans are harvested from organically landscaped coffee gardens and processed through a modern industrial process to guarantee quality and food safety. The coffee beans, during the dry milling process, go through a stone separator, metal detector, impurity separator, size sorting, weight sorting, color sorting, and are packed in grain pro bags to ensure the delivery of top-quality green coffee beans to our customers.

Coffee Roasting & Grinding

The quality coffee beans are meticulously selected by Fine Robusta Vietnam for the roasting and grinding process. Depending on our customers’ needs, Fine Robusta Vietnam tailors the ideal roasting profiles for each specific requirement. The coffee processing is fully automated, starting from storage, weighing, loading, roasting, product cooling, degassing, grinding, and packaging, ensuring quality and food safety.


Fine Robusta Vietnam’s roasted and ground products undergo continuous quality analysis throughout the processing, and they are also rigorously evaluated by Fine Robusta Vietnam’s cupping experts to best meet our customers’ demands.

Instant Coffee

Fine Robusta Vietnam uses green coffee beans that meet the Fine Robusta standard set by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) to produce instant coffee using the freeze-drying method with aroma recovery. Fine Robusta’s instant coffee promises a well-balanced blend of acidity – bitterness – saltiness – sweetness, accompanied by a rich body and a delightful mouthfeel. Thanks to our innovative aroma recovery technology, Fine Robusta Vietnam’s instant coffee retains the original coffee aroma. This technology has been exclusively developed by Fine Robusta Vietnam.

Do you want Fine Robusta?

Fine Robusta Vietnam offers high-quality products such as green coffee beans, roasted and ground coffee, freeze-dried instant coffee, and more. Our state-of-the-art factory operates with fully automated production processes, ensuring high-quality and consistent product supply to our customers.


The Fine Robusta Vietnam factory is designed in compliance with ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP standards, and it fully complies with food safety requirements as per customer demands.


Moreover, our Fine Robusta factory is environmentally friendly, implementing a ‘zero waste’ approach by recycling all waste materials and utilizing renewable energy sources for its operations. This commitment allows Fine Robusta Vietnam to produce coffee products that are not only environmentally responsible but also socially meaningful.